I'm Stacey, Or Staceyleigh as i write on 99% of social networking sites.
I'm a 21 year old Fine Art student from Wolverhampton.
Music is my first passion, Art second.
I'm no good at writing these so you'll have to find out the rest for yourselves :)

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Doesn’t make a sound all day then the minute i take it off it ticks so loud. It’s gonna take a trip out the window in a minute.

sullivanrm said: Hey, I just wanted to say you are so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful day

Awh you cutie! I hope you have a wonderful day too! <3

starlords-butt said: wanna make out or skype or something maybe hi hello. or kik maybe i dunno.. also if you are from wolves your accents cute thats all.

I have skype but i very rarely use it. My accent is the worst!

I&#8217;m a happy happy girl right now :3

I’m a happy happy girl right now :3

Anonymous said: Haha I know but he's like over 6ft5 too lol. Is the stereotype even true anyway? You're prob right lol

Well you’re clearly doing something right if you’re seeing each other? Exes are exes for a reason so i’m guessing she thinks you’re better than they are. Height’s a number. I wouldn’t know as i’ve never been with a black guy. 

Anonymous said: U think? I've just started seeing a girl and found out her ex bf is black and I've heard all the rumours lol

It’s about how you use it, Who cares if he was black and stereotype says he would have had a huge tool, It could have been like a tic tac for all you know.